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salsa piccante fermentata Makè

Makè, the spicy sauce Made in Bologna

Makè, the fermented spicy sauce we needed!

I've been following Riccardo Astolfi for a while and once I've devoured Pasta Madre I couldn't help but buy his book Cucina Viva . If you don't have it, I suggest you buy it or get it as a gift. Reading Cucina Viva, my curiosity about fermented foods ignited and I tried different preparations with mixed results. I'm far from having reached the levels that interest me, but this path fascinates me and I enjoy it very much. Hence the desire to include fermented products in Mindful Morsel starting from the Makè fermented spicy sauce, as well as some Kekoji goodies that you find in the In Fermento box.

What is Make?

It is a limited edition fermented hot sauce, Made in Bologna by three makers with a passion for food. The word Makè can be understood in the Japanese make (負け)*, to bring to mind the aromas and flavors of the Far East which inspire it; to English to make , because it is the project of three makers ; or Italian-style, as in “ ma-che salsa !”, an exclamation of ecstatic surprise that provokes the taste.

Why do we love Make?

Because its 3 ingredients put together kick off an alchemical fermentation and create a sauce like you've never seen before. Fermentation extracts and enhances the flavor and aroma of the chilli pepper and imprisons them, hypnotic and sinuous, in a sauce with an intense red color and lively spiciness that goes well with all dishes. There are two chillies at the base of this explosion of flavor that you will no longer be able to do without: Bacio di Satana and Cayenne, both grown, harvested and processed in Val Samoggia (Bologna).

Who are the three makers of Make'?

Riccardo Astolfi , author, Innovation Manager & Plant based and Fermented Foods Business Creator Alessandro of the Roverella agritourism and restaurant, an unconventional place in Zola Predosa (BO). Here you will not only find a contemporary restaurant with local products, with an exciting combination of innovation and tradition, but also a love for local products that with creativity and flair makes you rediscover genuine ingredients with a new look. All in a wonderful location in the middle of the vineyards. Alberto Mit i , food system investigator and innovation specialist and associate director of The Lexicon

The Makè label

You already know that if I don't understand the label or it doesn't seem transparent to me, I won't buy. Makè's etiquette is perfect in its clarity and use of Foodicons , the global, visual and open source language of food, a project of The Lexicon of Sustainability . The language of food must be clear to everyone and this label is an example of that. In fact, it is easy to understand the main characteristics of Makè, namely the fermentation , spiciness and local origin of the peppers grown on the Bologna hills. The ingredients of Makè are Bacio di Satana chilli pepper, cayenne chilli pepper, water, salt (5%).

How do I store Make?

In the fridge! For a TOP experience, shake the bottle before use

What material is the label made of?

Crafted from water resistant recycled paper

How to use Make?

Wherever you need to make your dishes hotter.

How spicy is Make'?

The spiciness of Makè is around 200,000 units on the Scoville scale
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