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Who is SenzaSpine?

SenzaSpine is a social business, a company with a high social impact purpose and a low environmental impact which, focused on processing organic prickly pear cactus ethically, which involves disadvantaged people and organizations involved in social work within its supply chain.

Who processes prickly pears for Senza Spine?

SenzaSpine involves those people who, for various reasons, have developed a few thorns (in Italian: Spine). Senza Spine involves in its supply chain organization supporting young and marginelized citizens. 

Why prickly pears?

Pricly pears grow in arid soil and contrasts its erosion, it is nutritious and thirst-quenching. SenzaSpine has chosen to develop and support an organic, ethical and sustainable supply chain, bringing together ethical local organizations such as the "Di Bio" organic farm and the "Terre di Zoè"

What are the properties of prickly pear?

Pricly pears are rich in vitamins, refreshing, rich in antioxidant and fiber. They also have nutraceutical and functional properties.


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