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Who is Without Thorns?

SenzaSpine is a social business, a company with a high social impact and a low environmental impact which, with the transformation of the prickly pear cactus, involves disadvantaged people and organizations involved in social work in its organic and virtuous supply chain.

Who works the prickly pear for Senza Spine?

Each has its own "thorns".

SenzaSpine involves those people who, for various reasons, have developed a few more.
Give back an opportunity, bring passions and energies back into play, involving those who live on the margins.
For this SenzaSpine builds a network with the realities of the territorial Third sector, involving juvenile communities, reception centers, structures that deal with marginality.

Why prickly pear?

It grows in arid soils and counteracts erosion, it is nourishing and thirst-quenching : the properties of the prickly pear are all to be discovered.

SenzaSpine has chosen to enhance an organic, ethical and sustainable supply chain . A supply chain that creates a network by bringing together virtuous realities of the territory such as the " Di Bio" organic farm, which supplies us with the raw material, and the "Terre di Zoè" organic farm, to which we have entrusted the transformation of our fruit.

What are the properties of prickly pear?

  • it is rich in vitamins

  • refreshing

  • antioxidant

  • it has nutraceutical and functional properties

  • it is a source of fiber

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