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What does the Vegan Pantry Box contain?

  • Miso tomato and basil , a tribute to the traditional preserve but in a fermented version
    Rich in Umami, savory and slightly sweet, to be used as a base for sauces or to spread on a hot toast!

  • Lentil miso, a reinterpretation of the traditional miso but with lentils. A concentrate of flavour, to be used in hot or cold soups

  • Kiss-proof black garlic , a superfood with high antioxidant characteristics, with notes of licorice, very Umami and sweet. Try it raw or as a substitute for traditional garlic.

  • Casa Iuorio black tomato ketchup : never again without it

  • 2 Ortomayo di Casa Iuorio with only three ingredients: a vegetable from their garden, lemon and EVO oil. It's not mayonnaise, it's ortomayo! Much better: without eggs and preservatives, to use on vegetables or in sandwiches

  • 3 packs of 3 portions each. of organic pasta of Montemanco legumes , from the Marche region, mixed with slowly dried mountain water.

  • A pack of Mastri Speziali Zafferano ideal for 4 portions of risotto

  • A postcard with QR code to access recipes, anti-waste advice and tips on plant-based nutrition

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