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Why do we love Casa Iuorio?

Casa Iuorio's vegetables and greens are grown following the dictates of sustainable agriculture , respecting the cycles of the earth and the seasons. The seeds belong to native varieties, the crops grow in healthy and natural environments, without the use of greenhouses and other intensive cultivation methods. This is also our commitment to promote the biodiversity of the area. The crops are made in the open field and without using chemical agents, on their land in Palomonte (SA). The harvest is done by hand, without the aid of mechanical means.

After harvesting, it is always the Casa Iuorio farm that takes care of the transformation , in the laboratory inside the farm, a sort of large kitchen immersed in the fields, certified according to all hygienic-sanitary regulations.

The vegetables are selected by choosing only those that are perfectly ripe, washed under running water and then prepared by the expert hands of suitably trained local women . Immediately after collection. Even the jars are prepared by hand, up to the labelling.

Yellow Datterino tomatoes in natural packets

Yellow Datterino tomatoes in natural packets, harvested and processed by hand according to an ancient recipe.

Ancient variety of yellow cherry tomatoes harvested when fully ripe and cut into two parts (pacchetelle), preserved manually and with great care in glass jars to preserve their consistency and fragrance. A conservation tradition, that of the "pacchetelle", which keeps the scent, color and particular sweetness of the cherry tomato intact.


  • yellow datterino tomato variety;

  • waterfall;

  • salt.

Without preservatives and dyes.

Fresh vegetable frittata – 106 ml.

It is a mix of fresh vegetables, with spices and aromatic herbs, prepared by hand in the internal laboratory of the farm.

Ingredients :

  • carrots;

  • extra virgin olive oil;

  • onion;

  • celery;

  • salt;

  • lemon juice;

  • garlic;

  • spices and aromatic herbs in variable proportions (coriander, chives, rosemary, sage, pepper).

Without preservatives and dyes.

Organic Montemonaco legume pasta

3 packs of organic Montemonaco legume pasta, handcrafted in the beautiful Marche region, mixed with mountain water and slowly dried. The history of this organic pasta is fully traceable via blockchain, from the field to your table!

3 bags of *65 g for each pack.

*portion for an adult

This pasta is

  • Gluten free

  • No GMOs

  • Without thickeners, dyes or preservatives

  • Moderate glycemic index and low in saturated fat and salt

The package has these characteristics:

  • FSC certified cardboard box

  • Open window - no plastic film

  • Compostable and biodegradable inner film

First quality Italian saffron

The highest quality Italian saffron, grown in Brianza by two talented Mastri Speziali.

Hand-picked in northern Italy and slowly dehydrated to preserve its characteristics, the saffron contained in this 0.125g glass jar will delight your taste buds and make your risottos, focaccias and gourmet dishes special!

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