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Experience Serenity with Blue Jasmine Kombucha by Introfoods - A Low-Calorie, Anti-Stress Beverage Rich in B Vitamins and Beneficial Substances

Introducing Intro Kombucha - The Raw, Gluten-Free, and Probiotic Beverage Enriched with Superfoods and Herbal Science Experience the natural goodness of kombucha - a lively drink rich in active substances that provide numerous health benefits. The traditional fermentation method used by Introfoods to create an authentic kombucha that's gluten-free, raw, and free of preservatives, flavors, and artificial substances. This drink is low in sugar and enriched with antioxidants, pro and prebiotics, enzymes, theanine, organic acids, vitamins B and C, amino acids, minerals, and polyphenols, making it an ultimate detoxifying drink that's suitable for all palates. All of our products are 100% vegan, and our packaging is plastic-free, which aligns with our promise to respect the environment surrounding us. Introfoods' production site, located near the Adriatic Sea, is surrounded by green forests and clean air, providing our kombucha with the perfect environment to ferment naturally. They infuse each bottle with the finest teas, organic fruits, and officinal herbs, making it a true masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship. Try Intro Kombucha today and enjoy the health benefits of this probiotic drink that's bursting with flavors and goodness. And the best part? You don't even need to refrigerate it, thanks to Introfoods' special production method.


Green tea infusion*, kombucha culture*, Colombian cane sugar*, Madagascan lychee juice*, blue spirulina* jasmine essential oil, carbon dioxide. *Organic Ingredients Volume 330 ml per Bottle Nutrition Facts per 100 ml Energy 82 kJ / 19,1 kcal Total Fat < 0,1 g Saturated Fat 0 g Total Carbohydrate 4,6 g Total Sugars 4,6 g Protein 0 g Sodium 0,01 g  

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