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You have adopted an olive tree!

Compliments! With this adoption you are helping to save Apulian olive trees from abandonment and you are supporting a small farmer.

With this concrete gesture you will also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions into the environment and you will receive 5 liters of quality and certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil at home , as well as having the opportunity to go and visit your olive tree at the farm and to receive email updates on your olive tree.

You will also support an innovative startup in which we strongly believe: Adopt Me Italy .

Adopt me Italy is an innovative start-up winner of the pin tender (innovative Pugliesi) of the Puglia Region , created by Antonio Vaccariello and Lucia Delvecchio , two young Apulian boys in love with their territory and sons of agricultural producers.

We met them in Turin , during an anti-waste event called Make it Tasty and we fell in love with their project.

The goal of their project is as follows:
  • bring the consumer closer to the producer
  • support small producers and help promote their products
  • save olive trees from abandonment and help reduce CO2 emissions
  • to bring consumers who have adopted olive trees to come to Puglia, letting them know and visit the farms that collaborate in the Adopt Me Italy project

Stefanopaolo Tarricone is a young farmer from Corato, a town in the Apulian hinterland.

On paper he is a mechanical engineer, but at heart an innovative farmer who follows the family olive production aiming at eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture .
The company he inherited is about 5 and a half hectares , and has a peculiarity not common to many other companies, namely the fact that it extends from the coastal area in the Trani countryside to the Murgiana area in the Corato countryside. This is a relevant and versatile characteristic through which the production of the cultivar is distinguished as much as the flavor of the oil obtained from it. The roots of the centuries-old olive trees present in the Tarricone company are healthy roots that favor a clean and luxuriant conduct of the plants by renouncing the use of fuels during the arrangement of the land and preferring a completely natural modus operandi. Nature returns nature starting from itself, without interrupting its evolutionary cycle. Stefano hires new workers such as insects, bees and bumblebees, the working donkeys for pollination who work during the spring in the grassing phase of the soil, thus preferring them to the use of the agricultural tractor and thus reducing the emission of co2 .
Olio Saecularis is the fruit of a promise among the university benches. Two friends have thus decided to bet on their passions; hence the idea of ​​using the centuries-old Murgese olives that Stefanopaolo Tarricone inherited from his family to produce an oil that followed a rigid production process, developed by Aurora, who deepened this knowledge at the Polytechnic and the University of Bari studies. Extracted mainly from Coratine olives (90%) harvested from the plant and transformed within 24 hours, the Tarricone Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product with very low acidity, rich in polyphenols and with an unmistakable bitter, slightly spicy flavour; ideal condiment for legume soups, braised meats or simply to be enjoyed on carpaccio or toasted bread.
The Monocultivar Coratina with zero pesticide residue of Olio Saecularis was born at the foot of the Murgia Barese , from the dream of recovering the historic olive groves of the Tarricone family who have been running them responsibly for four generations with the utmost attention to environmental sustainability .

Why a 5 liter pack?

Because it preserves perfumes, taste and nutraceutical properties down to the last drop . Extra virgin olive oil should be kept away from sources of humidity, heat and light . Once the package is opened, we advise you to fill a small dark bottle to use in your daily preparations. He always preferred opaque or dark containers, cupboards closed with non-transparent doors and all dark, cool places away from aromatic contaminations. Store the pack of extra virgin olive oil in a cool, dry place . Keep your oil away from heat sources, possibly in environments with not excessive temperature ranges . An optimal temperature for storing oil is between 14° and 18°

And if you need other gift ideas or 100% vegetable gourmet specialties, all you have to do is consult our shop !

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