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What is Carob Mu Mu?

Mu Mu Puro di carob is a new food, obtained from the ancient legume of the carob . Greedy, healthy and nutraceutical based on cold-extracted carob with the Carruba Viva ® method.

. 100% natural
. energy source with less than 1% fat
. naturally sweet (no added sugar)
. rich in fibre
. naturally contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants
. suitable for vegans
. gluten free

What is Carruba Viva®?

Carruba Viva® is the carob-based plant extract, a nutraceutical, produced by Natura Humana and obtained from a slow manufacturing process that keeps alive all the nutrients of this delicious fruit. The process is patent pending.

For the production, carobs from southern Italy are carefully selected, grown by small local producers.

During each processing stage, the raw material is treated with extreme care, preserving it from thermal stress which would alter its organoleptic qualities. The extract remains raw, it is not pasteurized or subjected to high temperatures.

For this reason very rigorous procedures are adopted for cleaning, conservation and storage of the raw material. From a slow artisanal manufacturing process a sweet, dark and dense molasses is obtained, with a particularly intense smell of carob.

Carruba Viva ® is a completely natural product with no added chemical additives. Respect the environment and human health. Each processing stage is carefully analyzed and the wholesomeness of our products is guaranteed by compliance with HAACP procedures.

What are the nutritional values ​​of carobs?

The carob phytocomplex is very rich, and as for other plant species, very different depending on the part of the plant considered.

As for the pod, the most used part of the plant, the macroscopic composition sees 90% made up of the pulp, and the remaining 10% made up of the seeds.

Energy value per 100g
929 kilos
220 calories
Fats 0.8g
of which saturated 0.2g
Carbohydrates 43.9g
of which sugars 40.8g
Protein 3.81g
fibers 11 g
salt 0.03g

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