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How to make sustainable gifts

What is a sustainable gift?

Gifts can make a difference and improve the lives of those we love, but they are now considered a sign of consumerism and with Black Friday in particular, we risk spending senselessly on things our loved ones may not really use or appreciate. Especially during the holiday season, gifts contribute significantly to environmental pollution, as do returns. However, gift giving doesn't have to be such a negative process. Buying gifts can also be done ethically. Let's see together some examples of gifts for sustainability lovers:

Buy durable items

High quality made to order clothing is one option that would allow you to buy something tailored and built to last. We especially love the creatives of Independent Label in Turin. If you're in town and want to do something special, go see them. You will find incredible quality, human touch and Italian creativity in one place.

Upcycling with style

Upcycling involves re-working existing materials and changing their shape to create unique products. Materials such as wood, bamboo, recycled plastics, cardboard, ceramics are common materials that can be easily recycled. These recycled gifts could be something you create yourself (think photo frames, mugs, etc.) or purchase from brands that sell recycled items. Nowadays you can find yoga mats, sunglasses, recycled pajamas but also reclaimed cashmere.

Zero waste starter kit

It can often be difficult to make the transition to a zero waste lifestyle on your own. If you know someone who is trying to reduce their waste or already does, give them a zero waste plastic free kit. A beauty kit, a cooking kit or a home cleaning kit are some examples you could take a look at: by giving someone eco-friendly bamboo or steel straws that can be reused, they could avoid using plastic straws. You could even give them cups made from sustainable materials.

Clean cosmetics

Another idea could be to give away a selection of travel cosmetics made with eco-friendly products like those produced sustainably by a brand we love, Teanatura. Beauty care products as sustainable gifts for him/her could also be of great help to your friends and family who want to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Emission compensation

There are many organizations that plant trees and take care of them for you. Choosing a serious and responsible supplier is not an easy task since planting trees is a commercial activity and it is not always transparent. Most carbon offsetting companies have the option of gifting another person a tree, but why not support carefully vetted, larger projects that have strong research behind them and a lasting impact on communities and the world? environment? We suggest checking out Compensate . Of course, offsetting is never enough, reducing emissions is the first step in a 360-degree approach to reducing your environmental impact.

Handcrafted gifts and the importance of supporting local artisans

Handcrafted gifts are a great sustainable gift option. Supporting local artisans is a great option to make a small impact in your community, support a small business owner's dream, and make your gifts symbols of your kindness and love for your friends and family. We really love the artistic ceramics of Ebe Tirassa in Turin.

Microgreens Kit (micro-greens)

Microgreens are not sprouts but real young and tender seedlings of various species of vegetables, but also aromatic herbs, harvested early. They are generally harvested when the first leaves develop, 7 to 20 days after sowing. The cultivation of micro-greens is also slowly developing in Italy and a starter kit (to be prepared independently) is an interesting gift for those who love vegetable nutrition

Anti-stink composter

A composter might not be the most popular gift idea, but if your friend likes gardening, a little bit of compost, also called black gold, could make them very happy. Composters help convert organic waste into organic fertilizers for plants. This could be a way for them to manage their kitchen waste sustainably on their own. For compost bins, you now have many gift options ranging from compost bins that fit under the sink (bokashi) to ones you can place on your balcony (tumbler bins).

Hydroponic gardens: growing parsley/parsley/ has never been easier!

Starting a hydroponic garden might not be everyone's choice, but picking fruits and vegetables can be a lot of fun! Ready-made hydroponic kits are very interesting solutions for those who want to try their hand at self-production and have little space. PS I want one!

Sustainable food gift baskets

Our plastic-free and sustainably sourced gift boxes are a great choice for Italian food lovers who are vegan vegetarian, or looking to cut down on meat consumption. Visit our shop and let us know if there is anything we can do to make your gifts even more special and personalized.

Sustainable corporate gifts

If you are looking for corporate gifts, instead of the usual basket with plastic and polystyrene packaging, you can consider a sustainable and 100% vegetable and beautifully illustrated box, to be personalized with a card containing a special message for your employees, partners and collaborators. Mindful Morsel boxes are a great way to show your colleagues and partners your sustainability efforts and CSR.

Support organizations engaged in sustainable projects

More and more companies have started to focus on conscious consumption, zero waste, minimalism and awareness of our impact. By purchasing vouchers or gift cards from these organizations, you support virtuous organizations that are committed to protecting the planet. Our Mindul Morsel gift cards help us grow our small business, supporting virtuous professionals and producers and enhancing the excellence of 100% vegetable products, Made in Italy and without plastic packaging. In a separate post we will explain our food forest project in Cinzano, but that's another story. Let us know if you have any other cool ideas to add to this list! Happy sustainable shopping Susanna & the Mindful Morsel Team
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