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Mini guida all'aperitivo vegano, scritta da una aperiPRO

Mini guide to the vegan aperitif, written by an aperiPRO

Since I moved to Turin I've become a Spritz girl, from an aperitif with friends around 6 that lasts until late, between croutons, chips, olives and other Spritzes. Recently I'm rediscovering Vermouth, with a slice of orange and two ice cubes.

How I prepare an aperitif for friends at home

At home there is never a shortage of Prosecco and everything needed for Spritz and Vermuth.

On the table, friends (almost) always find:

  • a cream of cannellini beans, sesame, EVO oil and lemon to spread on croutons
  • a mixed seasonal salad, with what I find at the market enriched with various sesame, sunflower and flax seeds
  • a pan of baked vegetables garnished with 100% hazelnut cream
  • baked seed crackers
  • a plain focaccia
  • an assortment of olives, olive pate and dried tomatoes
  • polenta cips to season as they prefer
  • and if I can also my wholemeal breadsticks with caramelized red onions

In the shop you will find some specialties and thematic boxes that will help you create a memorable buffet. And what do you prepare for your aperitif and what do you like to drink?

We could not but create a Vegan Gourmet Aperitif box

The time for sad baby carrots and two tomatoes reserved for vegans is over.

Mindful Morsel creates limited edition boxes, with vegan-friendly products of the highest quality, produced and packaged in a sustainable way . You can choose from a thematic box or compose your own, in any case the 100% vegetable goodness is guaranteed.

plant-based aperitif
Bruschetta we love you

Each Mindful Morsel box is designed to allow you to have a premium quality plant-based appetizer / dinner, in minutes . The vegan friendly aperitif box by subscription this month contains a tribute to Liguria, my homeland, with Taggiasca olive paté, a hymn to my beloved South with dried tomatoes in olive oil and 2 spreadable creams for bruschetta, the all made with high quality Italian products and great care for the territory. The contents of the box change every month, but the desire for an aperitif remains the same :).

Anti-waste tips

Furthermore, by following just a few of the anti-waste tips that we will send you after each purchase, you can help do your part in reducing precooked foods.

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