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Per un Green Friday tutto l'anno

For a Green Friday all year round

What is Green Friday?

Conscious consumption is one of the easiest ways to change your habits and be more sustainable to be greener, so why not start this Friday?

Broadly speaking, Green Friday is the idea that instead of running to stores or shopping online and rejoicing in a mini-discount on Black Friday, we can change our shopping habits to be much more sustainable. It's a shame, however, to only do it once a year, as opposed to overspending on Black Friday.

What are the alternatives to Black Friday?

There are currently a number of alternatives to Black Friday, though none really match our shop ethos. Green Friday, however, approaches consumption differently: why not ensure that the purchase is, in itself, intrinsically good? Thanks to Green Friday, the idea of ​​conscious and sustainable consumption is further spreading, supporting small businesses that do their best to work ethically, to the detriment of easy profits obtainable with less sustainable raw materials and shortcuts in production.

Do you really need Black Friday in your life?

The reason why purchases during Black Friday have a negative impact is linked to the entire life cycle of the product: from suppliers, warehouses, couriers, returns (many returns), packaging, recycling or not of its components or end up in landfill.

We prefer a gentle approach , paying our suppliers, warehouse workers and couriers fairly, looking for ecological alternatives for packaging (even if more expensive) and we will not offer discounts that do not respect the decent working conditions we want for ourselves and for others.

If you also want to consume consciously, look carefully for small businesses that pay attention to details, from materials to packaging and shipping. You too can contribute, with a gesture, to supporting activities that put people and the environment at the center of their business.

Conscious consumption: small changes that lead to a great result

By changing your consumption habits, carefully deciding what you buy, from whom and how you will use it, including the packaging, it will allow you to change your impact along the entire life chain of the product itself.

We are biased, of course, but we started our business because we were deeply dissatisfied with commonly available food and packaging and to make a change for the better in conscious food consumption .

Our all-female-run startup Benefit is built on the buy better, waste less concept. Each of our gestures is part of a corporate and personal strategy, which ensures that everything we do is as environmentally friendly as possible and as kind as possible. Our basic philosophy is to leave the world better than we found it: less polluted and even a little tastier.

We will never ask one of our suppliers to reduce the price (and therefore the quality) of products to satisfy impossible requests during the Black Friday season. On the contrary, we want to make sure that all our products are always of the highest quality, with no shortcuts in taste, production and packaging. Furthermore, we work daily to reduce our impact, supporting other virtuous entrepreneurs who are attentive, like us, to how we live on Earth.

Our commitment to Green Friday - all year round

Our commitment to Green Friday, and every other day of the year, is this: We'll do our part to make sure you shop better and, therefore, eat better. We will help you with this and make sure you can consume our products knowing that we have done our best to make them as ethically and sustainably as possible.

So next Black Friday (and the rest of the year too, why not?) why not opt ​​for Green Friday with us? We have a huge range of themed boxes to customize and we're sure you'll find something perfect for your loved ones, colleagues and partners.

We love the fields, roll around in the fields, smell the fields!

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