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6 giornate di festival dell’innovazione agroalimentare, interamente online

What is the Festival dell’Innovazione Agroalimentare?

We are currently following online an online festival called Festival dell'Innovazione Agroalimentare, dedicated to agri-food innovation, organized by Food Hub Srl Società Benefit from 3 to 6 October.

What is this Agri-food Innovation Festival?

It is a 6-day online event created to disseminate the latest innovations to all Italian agrifood stakeholders as well as to create a meeting point for scientific research and industry professionals who want to innovate the agri-food sector.

What intrigued us about this festival?

The opportunity to grow professionally in the agrifood sector and follow sessions dedicated to topics of our interest entirely online, free of charge.

Festival dell'innovazione agroalimentare
Online Schedule of the Festival dell'innovazione agroalimentare


How is the agri-food innovation festival structured?

57 online sessions, divided into 6 days with 90 speakers and the possibility of reviewing the talks and having access to the slides, networking with both participants and speakers.

One of the online sessions of the Festival dell'innovazione agroalimentare
Veronica Sberveglieri from CNR - IBBR | discussing nanomaterial Iot Sensor in the agrofood sector

What are the themes addressed by the festival program and how are the days of the agri-food innovation festival structured?

The 6 day-programme of the Festival dell’Innovazione Agroalimentare is structured as follows:


• biofertilizers

• digitized production

• decision support

• climate change


• sustainable intensive systems

• insect farm

• genomic analysis

• feed monitoring


• nanomaterials

• non-thermal preservation

• valorisation of waste

• innovative packaging


• sustainable logistics

•  artificial intelligence

• private label

• large-scale distribution and retail management

• functional ingredients


• conscious etiquette

• consumer feeling

• multifunctional packaging


• agrifood startup mapping

•panel discussion

• pitch session

Snapshot of the Festival dell'innovazione agroalimentare

Each of the days is structured in 3 blocks: from the opening of the section dedicated to scientific research, through the industrial sessions in the afternoon, with a final evening networking session.

We will publish a summary of the elements that struck us most in the sessions dedicated to packaging, agriculture, processing and consumption.

For more information on the program visit the festival dell’innovazione agroalimentare website and stay updated with our newsletter.

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